Entrepreneurs Programme
Entrepreneurs Programme

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MDEC NEXEA Entrepreneurs Program


Entrepreneurs Programme

Malaysia's exclusive peer network for top tech entrepreneurs to learn & grow together. Entrepreneurs are guided by some of the best Startup mentors & investors.

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For Top Entrepreneurs

Join & network with top entrepreneurs to learn and grow together. This is a unique experience created for top entrepreneurs only.

Solve CEO level problems

Solve your business problems with peer entrepreneurs who have probably experienced similar issues. We use systematic methods to solve issues together.

With Top Mentors

Get guidance from real, experienced mentors that are also Angel Investors (They have done IPOs/ M&A & are Chief Executives levels only).

Grow Faster, Together

Growing Startups is hard and should not be done alone. Join Startups that are growing 3X to 16X year-on-year.

Over 50 million in combined revenues

Over 243 million in combined valuations

Over 30% QoQ Growth Rates (EP One)

Over 30 million in combined funding


Growth of Entrepreneurs Programme Members

Top founders join us to learn from their peers. The Entrepreneurs Programme numbers are taken from participating Startups in Q3 2020.


What The Entrepreneurs Think

Here’s what our programme participants think about us.¬†

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Entrepreneurs Programme 2

Featured Mentor

Experience In Economic Crises, Extreme Growth, M&A, IPO And Regional Expansion

Alan Lim

MediaBanc (1997-2014), a Tech Company
Survived 1997 & 2008 Crises
6 Countries (Southeast Asia)
Exited company via M&A + IPO 2014

Entrepreneurs Programme Curriculum

Mentoring By An Angel Investor + Successful Business Person

NEXEA has the strongest mentor profile in the country with people that own listed companies (IPO), done M&A, are CEOs/CFOs, or are ex-entrepreneurs that have successfully grown their companies regionally.

Exclusive Regular Monthly Full-Day Group Meeting

The NEXEA Academy Group Mentoring includes full-day agendas exclusive to members & designed to benefit Startups in a peer-to-peer manner. It also includes experts that come in to benefit the Startups in desired topics or areas that are important to members.

Private Peer-to-Peer Learning from Diverse Industries

Each Mentoring Group will consist of the Mentor & 10 to 20 Startups from non-competing industries and backgrounds. Learn from other leaders & industries, as well as their unique backgrounds. The Group Mentoring programme is designed just for Startups.

Join Fast Growing Startup Founders 


The Entrepreneurs Programme has attracted founders from businesses worth hundreds of millions collectively. 

Learn & grow with these top founders representing some of the fastest growing companies in the region today. 


Founders from various industries have joined us, including automotive, property, logistics, artificial intelligence, media, and more. 

Learn and grow with the diverse perspectives, ideas, and solutions that these entrepreneurs have to share with you.

Why join a peer founders group?

ENTREPRENEURS PROGRAMME What is a peer founders group? A peer founders group is essentially a group of Founders who come together to support each other achieve success in their life and businesses. These groups are usually very high-paced and excited, willing to...

Partners That Work With NEXEA

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FAQ About The Entrepreneurs Programme

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    What is the Entrepreneurs Programme (EP)?

    The Entrepreneurs Programme (EP for short) is an exclusive private forum for top tech entrepreneurs to learn & grow together. Entrepreneurs are guided by some of the most experienced Startup mentors & investors in the startup scene.

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    Who is the EP for?

    EP members consist of established tech-related startup Founders and CEOs from various industries including automotive, property, logistics, artificial intelligence, media, and more. These members have validated experience in the startup scene and are looking to learn and grow with diverse perspectives, ideas, and solutions that each of them brings to the table as entrepreneurs.

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    How does the EP session work?

    EP members are vetted through an interviewing process before they are admitted into a group that consist of approximately 10-15 startup founders and a designated Mentor. During the session, EP members will go through a structured agenda that is designed to address startup challenges, evaluate opportunities and develop effective strategies for improved business performance. All members are required to observe a strict code of confidentiality and mutual respect as the session thrives on open sharing and communication. 

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    Who are EP Mentors? What are their roles?

    EP Mentors are an elite group of experienced mentors that are also Angel Investors. They have done IPOs/ M&A & are successful business owners, directors, and Chief Executives levels. Their role in the EP is to generate meaningful discussion and moderate the conversation in a way that sparks curiosity while lending their experiences where it is called for. 

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    How much time do I need to commit to the EP?

    The EP sessions are full-day sessions (9 am to 5 pm) held once a month. Believe us, while it may sound a bit much, our members always say it’s almost never enough time!

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    Can I obtain funding by attending the EP? What is the focus of the EP?

    No. The EP is not a platform for funding. The Entrepreneurs Programme’s focus is on networking, learning and growing tech Startups by nurturing a strong group of peer Executives. It is also about experience sharing and solving huge problems together with your peers and expert mentors.

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